DA&HG and LFA Videos

Daedalus Aviation & Heritage Group

This 2023 video explains how the the Daedalus Aviation & Heritage Group is a non-profit members organisation that works to ensure the retention of Solent Airfield for public aviation and community uses, and how the Daedalus Aviation & Heritage Group is an amalgamation of the Lee Flying Association and the Gosport Aviation Society.

Created by: Ben Lovegrove, Aviate, Navigate, Communicate


D-Day 75 Event

The role played by the Lee Flying Association in the D-Day 75 celebrations held at Solent Airport on the weekend of June 8 & 9 2019.

From the outset the Lee Flying Association members were keen to participate in the organisation of this special occasion. The LFA had been instrumental in the success of the 70th anniversary of D-Day in 2014, so they offered their services to Fareham Borough Council, the organisers of the 2019 event.

Created by: Ben Lovegrove, Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

Wellesbourne Visit

This video is a short report on an outing to Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield and the Midlands Air Museum arranged by the Lee Flying Association in late March (2019). At Wellesbourne Airfield we began our visit with a tour of the Vulcan XM655. This aircraft was the third from last bomber of its type to enter service with the RAF. It was part of the UK’s nuclear deterrent and was in service from 1964 and well into the 1970s.

Created by: Ben Lovegrove, Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

New LFA Clubhouse

Lee Flying Association’s new clubhouse was officially opened on Saturday November 17th, 2018. Cutting the ribbon was Fareham Borough Council Leader, Cllr Sean Woodward. In a short speech to the assembled members of the LFA he summarised the progress with the development of the airfield so far. He also outlined the planned additional improvements to Solent Airport’s facilities and infrastructure.

Created by: Ben Lovegrove, Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

Lee Flying Association

Legacy video for the LFA created in 2018. The Lee Flying Association was instrumental in securing the future of the airfield for both public and commercial traffic. It has provided input and representation to Fareham Borough Council who now own the airfield. It has liaised with the Civil Aviation Authority and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association on matters relating to Solent Airport.

Created by: Ben Lovegrove, Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

Flag Officer Naval Air Command at the Optica Flight 1987

Video made by Aleck (Bill) Butcher at Daedalus as part of his work for the Naval Air Command Video Production Unit (no narration, music & sounds only).

“This was a visit by our ‘boss’ in the Fleet Air Arm, the flying side of the Royal Navy, to the Hampshire Police Optica Flight, who were based at HMS Daedalus, Lee on Solent, in Hampshire.

I shot and edited this over a 5 day period; day 1 was the visit by FONAC, day 2 was my chance to get up in the aircraft and get the cut-ways and cut-ins in order to fill out the video. The remainder of my time was taken up with choosing the music and doing the edit. Shot and edited on Lo-band Umatic, with some help from the Merlin DVE, The camera was a Hitachi FP21 3-tube with an external recorder on the end of an umbilical.

The Optica was an amazing aircraft to fly in, with all round visibility due to the bubble-like cockpit area. Unfortunately they are no longer flying, due to a fatal air-crash (which was not down to pilot error) and, later on, a fire at the factory where they were built.”

Aleck (Bill) Butcher

Lee-on-the-Solent Naval Air Display 1962

Unused silent footage from Pathe News of a Naval Air Display at Daedalus in 1962