Speakers Available

The Daedalus Aviation & Heritage Group has a number of members available to give talks to interested groups on a range of subjects. Charges and expenses may apply.

To enquire about any of these speakers, please contact us.

The current list of speakers includes:

Alan Key

​Flying for Fun – experiences in flying in rare and unique aircraft across the globe

Graham Spiller

The Cowboy, the Revolutionary and the Novelist” – three unsung aviation pioneers and the part played in the development of aviation by Solent airfields

“Cause and Effect” – the story of the first air raid on Portsmouth and the career of the two Spitfires purchased as a result

“From Stokes Bay to Pearl Harbour via Taranto” – Was the Royal Navy responsible for sinking the US Pacific Fleet?

“The Battle of Britain – a fresh look at some popular perceptions”

“Have Anorak , Will Travel”  – trials and tribulations of a wandering aviation enthusiast

Joe Marsden

Joe Marsden

Air Defence of the UK since 1940 – the evolution of RADAR and tactics to the present day. From its early days in the Battle of Britain to today’s high technology fighters there has always been a need for tactical assistance from the ground. I cover the role of the Fighter Controller and the advances in technology which allowed them to put the aircraft in a winning position in the air battle.                                                                              

Flying the Vulcan – A personal perspective A talk through the crew composition, planning, dressing and practicalities of operating the aircraft in three roles – Maritime Reconnaissance, Air Sampling and bombing with 27 Sqn and 617 (Dambuster) Sqn.         

Bloodhound – The Cold War Surface to Air Missile.    Defending Britain against the threat from the east, Bloodhound was a supersonic Missile.  I will cover the components and capabilities of the system including the developments and upgrades which kept it in service with four nations from the early 1960s until 1991.   

Falkland Islands – War and Peace.  A short background history of the Falklands and how life has developed in the Islands since the war of 1982. I look mainly at the changes for the military but will cover the ways this has impacted on the local population. I will also cover some of the abundant wildlife and how this has caused an influx of tourists. I served three tours on the Islands, firstly on a radar unit on a remote mountain on West Falkland, secondly, as Commanding Officer of a radar unit on East Falkland and finally as the Air Defence Commander based in the headquarters at Mount Pleasant.      

Tangmere.  A short history of RAF Tangmere and an introduction to the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum showing some of the themes and exhibits.